Settling into the ‘new normal’

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It is August already, and the studio has been open again for a month now. It has become routine to use hand-sanitiser, to take on-line payments, to clean a lot more than before, and with harsher chemicals, smelling Dettoll as much as incense… but we have gotten used to it. It is still glorious to share the space and practice together once more! We are settling into the ‘new normal’.

It is unclear when the children/youth classes can return, as they normally use the fabric hammocks and large mats, don’t social-distance, as we’ve always done a lot of group yoga, and wouldn’t be satisfied to have class under the current restrictions. I also cannot say when the Aerial Yoga or Aerial Circus sessions will return. The process for sanitising and sharing equipment is too much for a once-weekly class. BUT there are good things just around the corner!

In order to accommodate all who want to attend yoga classes, I have added more Beginner Yoga classes from this week!

Classes are now offered Monday @6:30pm, Tuesday @6:30pm & again at 8pm, as well as Wednesday @6:30pm. There is still Power Yoga on Monday @8pm, and a stretchy mid-day class on Wednesdays 1-2pm for release of the hips & back. There are also Guided Meditation sessions most Wednesdays @8pm.

See the calendar for an up-to-date schedule.

Coming in September:

  • A new & improved website! The new site with allow you to book into a course of classes, see available drop-in spots (yes, they will be back!), take on-demand digital courses from home, or book a live-stream session of any of the studio classes. There will be classes for all levels, and for children! There will also be more content regarding wellness and healthy life choices— recipes, book recommendations, etc.
  • I am also delighted to be offering a Yoga Teacher Training course here in Carrick. From mid-September through March, the studio will be buzzing with future yoga teachers most weekends… there is still time to sign up if you are interested in learning more.
  • For Soul Space customers this also means opportunity to take a student-led class at the weekends, or sit in on special classes with guest teachers!
    New Classes & the (hopeful) return of Pregnancy Yoga by October!

So, despite the changing times and new routines, the new normal will just be normal soon. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I am grateful to you and for you! I am also grateful to the owners of my building, and to Leitrim County Council for a Re-Start Grant, as I received NO Covid payment during the closure. I am so glad to be back.


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