Exhale through change and find Covid-19 renewal


So much has changed since the start of this pandemic…  the world took a much-needed break, we enjoyed nature and spent time with our loved ones; we paused to think about our lives and our values.  We made connections in new ways and we reached out to those we loved. Now we must exhale through more Covid-19 change.

Seven months have passed, and the world is a jumbled mess once again.  We rushed back to buying, and doing and being, exactly as we had before, just as soon as we got the chance.  People scrambled to go buy €5 tops, cocktails and new cars… and some  even went on sun holidays despite travel being for ‘essential purposes only’.  We opened schools and creches and play centres.  I am not saying that those things were wrong, just that I am now disappointed to close the studio doors again- to see the government sending down orders, and feeling even more powerless now, because things don’t make sense!

Have you tried to be productive during these times? I was planning my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, creating video content, offering free zoom classes and video tutorials during the lockdown. Plus working on this new website with  hopes you find it informative and interesting.

Explore it and find Spotify playlists, recipes, past blogposts, as well as digital content (very soon) and a booking platform for Zoom classes, or studio bookings when we re-open.   (Thanks to Gary G for all the hard work) Hopefully the songs, images and words will allow you to exhale through diffilcut change, to relax and find your centre.

When I did get the chance to re-open in July 2020, I added Zoom as a part of my standard offerings. I am starting to feel more comfortable in front of the camera, and am now trying to design on-line content. I have to exhale a lot and edit a lot!

Things are changing, and change is awkward and inconvenient and scary… but from change comes renewal and rebirth.

I am hoping that Soul Space will be a new and different beast when all is said and done.  I certainly feel myself changing, a little bit with every breath.

Yoga though, has been around in some form for the last three-thousand years, so I am confident that it will survive Covid-19.  Yoga has certainly helped me maintain my sanity through all of this, and I hope it has helped you too.

In fact, I think times like this make us all the more aware of just how much we need it! Keep practicing at home!

When we can, I will be back with open doors & a circle of mats to settle into, a playlist that includes the Beatles, and a smile on my face! This too shall pass– and next comes renewal.

As Tom Robbins said, ‘Each time we exhale, the world ends; when we inhale, there can be, if we let it, rebirth and renewal.’ 

So, let’s look forward to that. Keep breathing, and hang it there!



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