Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven’t tried yoga before, you probably have questions about what’s involved. 

Here we answer some questions  commonly asked by people starting their yoga journey.

Why Yoga?

Are you curious about Yoga after hearing about it from a friend or family member? Did your doctor recommend it? Are you interested in a form of exercise that addresses stress & provides relaxation? 

Maybe you’ve heard that Yoga means union…  union of body, mind and spirit. It began as a system of actions and ways of behaving in a larger spiritual context, and many people are attracted to it for that reason. 

Most people arrive to class with a hope of getting more flexible and/or becoming less stiff- to move the body with ease, and Yoga is great for improving mobility and increasing both strength and flexibility. 

It is also a path to self-exploration… beginning with the body, but also expanding into the mind and the spirit. It does not impede on your religious beliefs, or ask you to forfeit anything. It meets you wherever you are.

Each Yoga class is a mix of physical movement (asana), breath work (pranayama) and meditation practices (could explore pratyahara, dharana or dhyana)

Will I be able for it?

If you are able to move from sitting on the floor to getting on all fours, then standing without difficulty, you should be able to participate in my classes. People are able to practice yoga with varying fitness levels, health conditions and injuries, but PLEASE notify your teacher and state honestly any health issues you have on the medical questionnaire you fill out on your first visit.

You do not need to be flexible, or thin, or young, or fit to take part in class. Come as you are, and we’ll all work with what we’ve got!

Does it hurt?

No, yoga should never hurt. If you experience pain, it’s a sign that you are pushing beyond your body’s limit. Ease up and breathe. If you have an injury, be mindful of it, and let the teacher know. Certain postures may need to be avoided or adjusted.

You do not need to be flexible, or thin, or young, or fit to take part in class. Come as you are, and we’ll all work with what we’ve got!

What if I'm pregnant?

Yoga, like most exercise, is perfectly safe during pregnancy. Women who have already practiced yoga may happily continue in classes, making modifications in co-operation with the teacher. If you have NOT practiced before, it is recommended that you wait until your 2nd trimester, when you are less likely to feel nausea and fatigue. You may prefer a slower-paced class and/or a specialized Pre-natal Yoga Class. Talk to your teacher about your condition, due date and concerns.

What do I need to know and bring?

Simply wear comfy clothing, like leggings or sports gear. Anything too baggy might get in the way. It is normal to practice in bare feet, leaving shoes outside the door, but you are welcome to wear socks if you prefer.

Normally mats, blocks & straps are all provided, but due to Covid-19, I ask that you bring either your own mat or a large towel to place over studio mats. I have durable, supportive mats in place on the floor, and these are sanitised between each use. You may also want to bring a small cushion, towel and/or blanket to cover yourself during meditation. 

You are welcome to bring water, but please leave your phone behind or turn it off, so we aren’t disturbed by vibrating, beeping or ringing phones. 

Arrive 5-10 minutes early to avoid congestion at the door, and to get settled on your mat. Enjoy that extra time to start relaxing. If you arrive more than 5 minutes after start time, the door may be locked, and you may have to forfeit that class. There are no refunds for arriving late or non-attendance.

Can men attend?

Yes, men are always welcome, and are a valued part of our yoga community.

Is there a place to change/shower?

Yes, there is a restroom inside the studio, as well as toilet & shower facilities in the corridor. (Further down the hall on the left side)

Can I try a class?

We offer a number of classes with a TRY, or pay-per-class option. These still need to be booked in advance to maintain safe Covid-19 numbers.  Please DO NOT arrive at studio.  

If you are unsure if yoga is for you, try a free online class or book into a live-streamed class from home.

Where are you located?

Our studio in located in the riverside town of Carrick-on-Shannon in lovely Leitrim.

We are up one flight of stairs (or use the lift) from our entrance, beside Paddy Power, behind The Landmark & Cryan’s Hotels. 

There is ample free parking, as well as secure, underground parking for €2/day.