Events & Retreats

We have had workshops and guest teachers over the years in yoga, aerial circus skills, dance, art, drumming, shamanic journey, and pregnancy preparation. We also offer longer sessions to deepen your  practice & explore new aspects of yoga. We’ve had a Women’s Circle and a Teacher’s Circle… and our popular monthly floating GONG BATHS….

Summer Kids Camp

Acupuncture and Yin Yoga Relaxation Sessions

Monthly Sound Baths with Andy Tyler

We look forward to welcoming guest teachers, live music & themed classes during the annual Carrick Water Music Festival and Carrick Carnival during the summer months, and we hope to continue with pop-up outdoor classes by the Shannon.

Most excitingly, we launched International RETREATS, in coastal Galicia in August 2022, and continue our retreats annually.  

Contact Michele or sign up for our newsletter for details of future workshops & retreats.