Yoga Teacher Training FAQs

Am I ready for this course?

There is no ‘right’ amount of experience, no level of proficiency that one must have reached in order to take the course. A reasonable understanding of body movement & a recent history or yoga classes (live or online) is a good starting point. 

The main question is whether you are ready to commit to a regular yoga practice now, and begin the journey of self-discovery that this work entails.

You should come into the course with the intention of integrating these habits into your life, at least through the length of the course. 

If the answer is yes, then you are ready for this course!

What if I have an injury, or I am not very flexible? ​​

Depending on your injury, you should be able to take the course- it’s good to contact Michele directly to discuss injuries prior to registration, but most adults have injuries that can be worked around. In fact, an injury is what brings many people to yoga in the first place. 

As far as flexibility, it is a misunderstanding that all yoga practitioners are flexible. Most people become more flexible the more they do yoga, but it is not a prerequisite, and there is no requirement to attain a certain level of flexibility, or strength by the end of the course. We all have to safely work within the parameters of our own bodies, injuries and abilities- a humble yoga teacher, aware & accepting of their abilities, is going to relate so much better with future students than one who finds everything easy. If you are willing to work with your body and it’s abilities, then you are ready for this course!

Will the course demand a lot of my time?

Like anything else in life, you get what you give. The course weekends are going to be demanding- the days are long, and participation is required. They are filled with a lot of asana practice, but also a lot of talking, thinking and reflecting. 

Outside of the course weekends, there is an expectation of about 10-15 hours commitment between sessions- roughly 5-7 hours per week. You will have reading & writing assignments, but your biggest commitment will be to develop or broaden your yoga practice- including meditation & pranayama. 

We will work on a time-management plan at the start of the course to determine ways to carve out time in your busy schedule. Prioritizing the course means you will get the most out of it, and avoid feeling overwhelmed near the end.

All of us, teachers included, will be juggling jobs, family or other educational programmes, so time commitment is likely to vary, but if you are willing to put in the time, then you are ready for the course!

Does anyone fail the course?

No one should fail the course. Circumstances could arise that prevents a student from completing the course by the end date set at the start. If someone has missed course weekends, or has struggled with parts of the assessment, additional assistance will be offered. Our intention is for everyone to successfully complete the course, even if they need to spend extra time getting to the finish line, or defer completion of the course to a later date, finishing with a different course group. 

That said, simply attending weekend teachings doesn’t mean you get your teaching certificate- you must participate in all parts of the assessment process, including the exam, in order to complete the course & receive your teaching certification. If you are willing to really take part, then you are ready for the course!

More questions?