Some Favourite Playlists

People often comment on the music played in the studio.  I love to create uplifting playlists (usually including the Beatles :)) If you are practicing at home and want to recreate the sonic mood, try these playlists, and find more on Spotify. 

A Power Yoga Playlist

An upbeat, faster-paced set of songs for a great workout- also good to do housework to! (If you have to)

Energetic Playlist: Soul Space Sun Salutes

Enjoy this joyful, energetic and upbeat playlist. It’s often used during Power Yoga & Aerial Yoga or when we’ve done our 108 Sun Salutation Challenge.

These tunes to make you smile & keep you moving.  Also great for walking/running!

March Movement – A NEW Yoga Playlist!

A new March Yoga Playlist

To help lift your spirit and get M O V I N G… on your mat or off, this new yoga playlist just in time for Spring moving and cleaning 🙂

My Favourite Beginner Yoga Playlist

This is my go-to playlist– I love every song and it’s way longer than a normal class, but can be shuffled or picked up in different areas, making it a little different each time.  Enjoy it.

This is the comforting sound of SOUL SPACE, my Favourite Beginner Yoga Playlist- find The Beatles, Beck, Coldplay, Sia, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and many more.