The studio has re-opened with Covid Protocols.

yoga classes are back

Finally, we’re back! The studio has re-opened.

Hi everyone! I must admit, I found this first week back exciting, but very challenging. Social-distancing, sanitising, fitting people into new class times, explaining new policies and dealing with technology made for a long week!

BUT… that fist step has been taken. We have set out on this NEW path, this new way of doing things, and it can only get EASIER!

I am making more adjustments with my video set-up and actually think streaming & recording each class will be nice once we are all used to it— giving everyone extra opportunity to practice at home, become familiar with postures and sequences, and get back into it! Of course there will be teething problems, but I really am doing my best, and am so happy to see so many of your faces again.

Unfortunately, the days of big classes, with drop-in options, are a thing of the past. Now you MUST be booked into a block of consecutive classes & attend that class, and/or get the video… there is NO ROLL OVER, no swapping nights, and NO turning up. I hate this and I am sorry I cannot do anything about it! The safety guidelines that allow this re-opening must be adhered to. Our health is the priority!

So, if you are sick, DON’T COME TO CLASS- you’ll get the video and can do it when you feel better. If you are BUSY, sorry, you’ll get the video to do when you are free… If you are off on holidays for a week?? Same thing… that spot has been saved for you, so you’ll get the video, which can be done wherever you are!

This also encourages you to do your yoga class every week, even if you cannot make it into the studio. In fact, you can do it as many times as you like!

Soon we’ll settle back in and get used to all these changes. I thank you for your continued support & understanding.

Currently ALL classes are fully booked, but I have a list started for an additional class, so be in touch if you are ready to come back!

Meditation returns this upcoming week, and the calendar will begin to expand over time.

As of yet, I have no date set for the return of Aerial Yoga or Children’s classes, but they will be back!

PLUS… Yoga Teacher Training begins in September, and there are still spots available.

Contact Michele with any questions: 086-854-0023

And keep the Covid-19 protocols in mind!


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