Yoga Teacher Training Course

Deepen your yoga practice, or become a yoga instructor yourself! Next start date: November 2022

With international recognition, Soul Space is a Yoga Alliance registered school, with a course taught by a staff of highly-qualified, experienced and enthusiastic instructors, including a physiotherapist, who is also a yoga practitioner, to explain anatomy clearly & usefully. 

We will lead you on an exciting journey into yoga philosophy & lifestyle, as well as teaching & refining the physical asana practice. The word ‘yoga’ means to join, or unite, and this course will introduce you to the system of yoga that encompasses physical, mental and spiritual development. With these tools you will be better equipped for life, no matter what you do after! Start your journey with us- every other weekend from November 12th, 2022, and finish in April! Optional weekly classes are also included.

Take the course to develop your own yoga practice, or to become a qualified yoga teacher when you are done. Our goal is to share our love and continue to grow our own knowledge through this endeavour together.

Course Content includes:

Course Schedule

There is an additional expectation of 165 hours of home practice & study (approx. 15 hrs of practice & study between each session).


A year or more of yoga practice, either in home or studio, with a familiarity with yoga and a genuine desire to learn more. Participants must be able to organize their time, be punctual and attend all course weekends. Any training days missed will need to be made up. Respect towards self and others is expected throughout the course.



Includes all instruction, course text book & workbook,
along with attendance at 2 yoga classes per week, sweatshirt & continued mentor programme.