Wonderful Winter!

Wishing you a wonderful winter! I hope that you are warm & safe, and are spending time with family, pets or friends…

2021 is here, but Covid-19 is running wild, along with more lockdowns and restrictions, leaving Soul Space unable to plan a re-opening at this time.

To start the year, I am offering two weekly live Zoom classes (Power Yoga & Yin Yoga- beginning Jan 4th), plus some one-off sessions of meditation and yoga to keep us all going! Starting with a New Year/New Moon Intention setting Meditation class (Jan 13th) A great time to pull out your journal- have a think and then visualise those goals!

I also have a growing library of class recordings and special sessions I have created for the ONLINE LIBRARY- this is a place you can log-on anytime and have repeated access to all the classes— from reclined meditation to active Power Yoga… to short specialty classes focusing on chakras or the spine. There is currently close to 50 hours of content to enjoy for €25/30 days. (More is added each week, so it is always changing and expanding!)

Have you explored the new website? Within this site, you can book into classes, see upcoming events, learn about the different types of yoga we offer, find healthy recipes, listen to Soul Space music playlists, view our Instagram feed and much more. have a dig around.

PLUS- Good Stuff for a Good Year ahead. Enjoy some of the reading that I am doing.

Additional Links for your Well-Being:

*The morning journaling technique I use: Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages

*Take Gretchen Rubin’s 4 Tendencies Quiz to learn more about your self

*Creating Rituals-advice

*How your gut effects your overall health.

*How inflammation effects our decision-making

Here’s to a wonderful, peaceful, safe and celebratory 2021!

I hope to see you soon— Michele

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