Another Month Lost to Covid…

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It has been thirty more days of lock-down. Today our travel has been expanded to 5 km… but that really doesn’t make much difference as everything is that far away from us anyway… maybe we can get away with driving into town for a walk?? Parks & beaches and everything else will remain closed for two more weeks at least.

As for yoga, I keep practicing. I did the Sun Salutation Challenge in April on Facebook, and have started a May Yoga Challenge, delving deeper into postures on M/W/F. I am trying to offer at least one live or recorded class per week too. It helps me to stay focused on my business, on my own practice of yoga, and stay connected to my students. As a teacher, like everyone else, there are postures I dislike, and only do in the company of others. So offering classes keeps me outside my comfort zone in a variety of ways.

As a school teacher, I am adjusting to digital teaching too, also using Zoom, and trying to vary the way that I communicate. Lots of technology, lots of devices… for both jobs!

Separate from those worlds, I am enjoying nature. I escape to the back garden, walk my dog, sit in a deck chair and watch the clouds pass slowly overhead now, rather than airplanes. My daughter says the colours all look brighter. My husband says the birds have never been louder or more prevalent. We notice daily changes in our trees and plants. We have planted shrubs, flowers and vegetables, we have pruned and cleared. We added a garden feature, and are planning to build a sculpture when the hardwares open again, and we can get supplies.

We are healthy, and we are together, except for our older daughter, working away in Denmark. We are lucky to not be suffering during this time, not to be struggling with tough decisions, loss or death. We have adjusted to the lack of others. Our days fill up with card games, cooking, Countdown and the news. We read and listen to podcasts, watch Netflix… and chat. Endless chat and endless music. We will be left with good memories after this. I hope you will too!

The most important thing, is to APPRECIATE what you have. Look at the little stuff, which we know in our hearts is REALLY the big stuff. LOVE the ones you’re with, as the song goes. Show them, tell them. And of course, tell the ones you don’t get to be with too! This is no time to hold back. Feel the feelings and share them. Reach out.

If you’d like to join me for the May Yoga Challenge, click HERE to take part in the private group. Follow my social media for updates on live classes or look through the pre-recorded content.

Also, here on the website, remember you can listen to GUIDED MEDITATIONS or my SPOTIFY playlists 🙂

I am still hoping to run a Yoga Teacher Training in 2020. It was scheduled to begin in September, but may be pushed until October- if you have interest, please contact me about that too!

Take care & stay safe. We’re getting there!

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