Trying my hand at virtual yoga classes

I have been a student of MANY on-line yoga teachers and really enjoy learning via the internet. There is so much good content out there- I have paid for some and enjoyed a lot of free instruction, and for that reason, I NEVER imagined I would be filming myself. I am 47-years-old this year, my hair is turning grey and I hate the sound of my voice… looking at a video of myself doing ANYTHING is cringe-worthy. But… after a week of being closed, I miss my classes, and I am getting the sense that maybe some people are missing me (and my classes). So my ‘content’ is for them, my existing students, and maybe for my friends and family back home, who never have a chance to do yoga with me.

I am putting some classes together for those 2 audiences, and I hope they get some enjoyment from them while we are all cooped up in quarantine. Don’t worry— this WON’T become the norm. But for now, I hope you enjoy. There are only a couple up, but more will be added, depending on the length of our closure. I am also not an expert at video-making or youtube, so apologies in advance. My hope is that I will improve on production a bit every time.

Stay strong in spirit & mind, be kind and stay home!



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