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If there is one thing I have learned since opening Soul Space almost four years ago, is that I have so much to be grateful for.

When you start noticing how lucky you are, and feeling thankful for it, you naturally want to share with others. You want to spread the joy and contentment, especially with kids.

A few times a year, I try to share my gratitude- personally and through the studio.

Previously, I have given away free yoga classes via class passes under their pillows, or social media draws.

I have collected for, and donated to the remarkable charities: Pieta House (participating in the Darkness Into Light walk at dawn) and in the women’s charity SMALLS for All, collecting and donating bras and underwear for women and girls in Africa.

This month, my birthday month, a challenge appeared in my social media feed suggesting I do SUN SALUTATIONS for Barnardos Ireland.

So, how could a say no?? What could be more suitable for a yoga teacher, or any yoga enthusiast, than to be asked to do a series of yoga postures in aid of a very worthy cause— children!

What is a sun salutation? (you might be wondering) Good question

You may have done them  in our yoga classes, or some modifications.

There are 3 types (at least), and many variations:

Classical Sun Salutation

Surya Namaskara A

and Surya Namaskara B

You can also find seated & floor-based versions— so they are do-able at any level of fitness.  Give them a try.

If you’d like to DONATE or to join me in this MAY challenge, click the link .

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