Daily Kapha Sadhana- Ayurveda


Try an Ayurvedic Day Plan:

This daily routine exemplifies the way one should spend their time according to the Ayervedic ideal.

If you are working a typical 9-5 job, which does not permit much flexibility, then practice this Sadhana to the best of your ability in the time available to you.

This routine is  for the months December, Jan, Feb, March and April.


Rise promptly on awakening between 6.00-8.00am (The earlier the better)

Engage in vital activities

Perform a vigorous dry-body brush scrub daily

Take a warm shower

Massage body with a natural body lotion

Perform morning pranayama

Practice 30 mins of Yoga asanas, run or do some active sport (do something stimulating first thing each morning)

8.00-9.00am Light Breakfast

9.00am – 2.00pm Engage in normal work activities of the day

1.00-2.00pm Have a hearty meal

3.00-6.00pm Perform normal work activities

4-4.30 Afternoon Tea

6.00-7.00pm Light dinner with family

8.00-9.00pm Paticipate in a consistent programme outside of the home (do not nap or watch TV during or after dinner)

9.00-10.00pm Wind down, perform evening pranayama, meditate or pray.

* be especially alert and active during winter and early spring

If you have any questions on pranayama type or yoga asanas to practice, feel free to ask me!

Hope you find your Sadhana benefits you greatly over the winter!

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