Starting Yoga

starting yoga

I remember attending my first yoga class in the basement of a church on my university campus when I was eighteen.

 From the first week, we were introduced to numerous ways to bend and contort our bodies.

A super-flexible, older man, with a grey beard and white t-shirt was my teacher, and I was quickly hooked.  The problem was that once I wanted to practice at home, I had forgotten what to do…  I could only remember a few of the moves.  Eventually I bought a great book, filled with illustrations and descriptions… I still have it today, twenty-five years later.

That book was The Sivananda Companion to YOGA, and I highly recommend it, even today.  I have the 1983 edition, but not surprisingly, yoga hasn’t changed.

So, with that in mind, I have created this downloadable hand-out for my students just starting.

It contains basic instructions, stretches and the sun salutation cycle, with breathing guidelines.

There is no reason that you cannot begin your home practice now.   If you can incorporate 15-20 minutes a days, you’ll be on the road to improved health & well-being.

Request your pdf of Starting a Yoga Practice.

Merry Christmas!  Michele


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