Happy Birthday!

It is with excitement and relief that I celebrate being open for my first full year.

I started with a partner, and it was difficult to cope with all the struggles of a new business, AND have your partner bale, but with the support of lovely students and customers, along with my talented daughters & husband, I am happy to still be standing in my gorgeous studio, looking out at the Shannon (or wedding guests walking into the Landmark Hotel).  I am delighted to be introducing aerial & yoga to so many children, and to the rare brave adults too!  🙂

I enjoy teaching private art classes and meeting a range of people in the community that I’ve lived in for 15-years now.  I feel more a part of the town, and of Ireland than ever!  I even became a citizen this year.

With the departure of my partner, I have also started teaching yoga to adults.  It is such a surprising pleasure.  Who would have guessed that teaching yoga is almost as enjoyable and relaxing as doing yoga?!  I took my first class back in 1991 in the basement of a Methodist church on my college campus, and returned to it time and time again throughout my life.  I also began studying and practicing zen meditation in the late 1990s.  It feels like those years of life experience are serving me now.  Join me in class, so I can pass it on!

So… Happy Birthday to Soul Space!  I am delighted to be here. I thank all of my loyal customers and students, my family, Eva Hickey and my new intern, Eimear Lowe.  This is a group effort 🙂



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