Bringing the Elements into Your Life

The Four Elements

As winter approaches it is good to bring the four elements into your home, your sacred spaces, and even your yoga practice.

EARTH body

The Earth element is related to the NORTH, to Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, to Night and Winter and the colour GREEN… You can bring the Earth element into your home with plants, sand, acorns, salt, fresh or dried flowers and clay pots.  This element is yin, it bestows peace and harmony as well as reliability, structure and grounding– we find physical grounding through connection with the earth &  movement of the body, which can bring a greater sense of security. You can connect to earth into your yoga practice by feeling the ground beneath you solidly- in cat/cow, in Savasana, or any pose- focus on the support you feel beneath you!

AIR spirit

The Air element represents freedom, spirit and communication, and the colour YELLOW. It is related to the EAST, to Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra,  and is yang in nature. It relates to youth and to Spring. This element can help you make decisions and deal with disappointment. To bring more air (or awareness of air) into your home, bring in feathers, incense, wind-chimes. Open a window if you can. Connect deeper with this element by taking three deep breaths and feel yourself become more clear. You can bring air into your practice with every breath, but bring deeper awareness to the breath, and try your ujjayi breath for maximum result.

FIRE emotion

The Fire element  relates to the SOUTH, to Sagittarius, Aries and Leo, and the colour RED. Fire is yang, and relates to our will, our passion, our life force and action. Fire can transform and set things in motion. It is related to summer heat, and adolescence, and that spark of energy to start a new adventure! Bring fire into your home with a candle, oil lamp, open fire or incense. Bring fire into your practice with sun salutations or chair pose to bring warmth into the body. You might notice your emotions come to surface doing these asana.

WATER inner world 
The Water element is yin and relates to our intuition, our changing thoughts, desires and fears. It is related to the WEST, to Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, to Autumn and the colour BLUE. Our bodies, our earth are made up mostly of water, so it is flowing in and around us. The force of water, the power of water, as well as what happens to stagnant water are evident in life around us.  We can bring water into our lives in bowls or vases, mist diffusers, shells… even small water fountains.  In all seasons it is important to consume plenty of water as well. In our yoga practice, flowing movements and gentle sequences help to get fluid moving through the body, like cat/cow or moving bridges.
Throughout the year I try and bring the elements into my home, the studio, and even my car.
Try and bring aspects of the elements indoors this autumn/winter to feel more connected to nature, to your inner-self and to what’s important.  Create an altar or special place on your dresser or mantle for a few objects from nature to remind you of the world outside.

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