Five great gifts for the yogi in your life

There are scores of great gifts for the yoga enthusiast in your life these days, but here are my Top Five:

5- If you wanna go all-out for the aerial yogi who has high ceilings, try an aerial hammock!  Mine all come from this great provider in Spain, Aerial Living. (You can get the hammock, ropes, carabiners and hooks in one place)

4-  A good yoga mat.  You can find mats in sports shops, TK MAXX or online, but all the mats in Soul Space are from MANDUKA (that means frog in Sanskrit) This company is ethical and offers a LIFETIME warranty on their Pro-mat.  I have 5 different types of their mats and all are durable, easy to sanitise and are wearing beautifully.  Feel free to ask me to show you the different types.

3- Good-fitting leggings are a must.  I love Fabletics, and the world loves Lululemon, which now has a store in Dublin. A high-waisted fit is best for staying up and not budging during class.

2- Yoga accessories!  I have a yoga wheel, all kinds of blocks, straps and bolsters, and a FEET UP… there are many ways to expand the fun and benefit with a few props.

And, finally….

1- A Gift certificate or voucher for their yoga studio!  There’s nothing more satisfying than the gift of yoga!  Find vouchers for SOUL SPACE here 🙂 or subscribe to a month of the DIGITAL LIBRARY! 

Of course, you can do yoga without any of this stuff… but these are great gifts for the holidays, or any time of year.

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