The new moon will be gracing us this Tuesday 13th October at 00.05 and it’ll be a super time for you to set your intentions, wishes & hopes for the future.  

One way to do this is by writing them on a piece of paper and then either throwing it in the fire or burning it (safely) in the garden under the moon light.  

The New moon can bring with it times of uncertainty and sensitivity, therefore try your best to stay completely in the flow of things (I know it’s a challenge sometimes!)  a mantra I like to recite is: 

“I am available for anything that wants to happen in this moment, including that which is beyond imagining.” — P. Lowe

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After the intensity of eclipse season, plus retrogrades and many influential planetary aspects, we are soon to move through a New Moon in Libra.  

Thankfully, this sign is gentle.

Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of beauty and balance, and whilst all New Moons are agents for brand new beginnings, the effects of this one are likely to be a little less abrupt and demanding than all that we have been experiencing of late.

Libra throws the focus onto the ‘other’ – that which is outside of ourselves – and how we relate to it. Relationships with other people are prominent, but so are the relationships we have with money, with our homes, our wider environment, our jobs and careers, for example, and how much we let all of these things tip our internal sense of balance.

Cosmic events of recent months have seen many of us experiencing really huge surges of change and the breaking apart of so much that once seemed to stand so fast. The kinds of big transformations that so often come with eclipses can be hugely unsettling, and create a very real sense of instability and bewilderment, and even anxiety and fear.

It’s important to remember that this is so, very normal – change wouldn’t bring us anything truly new unless the experience was unfamiliar!  And rarely – and I would even go as far as to say never – are these changes anything but positive.  You are creating your life (with huge amounts of support, especially at these big astrological turning points) so why would you manifest anything that isn’t truly for your own highest good?

So now we have a very timely opportunity, in the form of this Libra New Moon, to bring back the balance.

Whatever has been shifting for you recently now requires you to form a new relationship with it.

What has changed?

Is it your home life?  Clients at work?  Your family dynamic, or daily routine? Maybe it is a personal relationship, or the way in which you relate to a hobby, or spiritual practice?  Or have YOU become different?  Have you had to change yourself, in order to step up to new demands?

Try to think about all that has happened for you during the past couple of months. Think of the life you inhabited during the summer months, and of the life you are projecting ahead, as we move towards winter.  In order to really achieve your best, your most ideal vision, it’s important that you start off relating to it from a place of empowerment – as a creator, and not a victim of circumstance.  However much you have swayed, have been pushed into bowing and bending around recent changes, now is the time to regain your sense of inner power.  Become your own rock.

The reason this New Moon provides such an important gateway, as we move on from the eclipses, is that Libra seeks balance.  This means that whatever needs re-harmonizing, re-calibrating and re-adjusting in order to flow in your life, will be thrown into prominence during this Moon.  So wherever you are feeling resistance, unease, or difficulty in accepting or moving forward: these are the places to look first, to see where this relational upgrade needs to be taking place.

It is time to let go of fear-based emotions and realize that you are in control of how you feel, and the relationship that you create, moment by moment, with your external reality is yours to make as wonderful and productive and alive as you possibly can.


May this New Moon and the intentions you wish for come true if it is for your highest good & those involved. 

Love and (moon) light! 🌙🌛🌠🌜🌌

Tara x 😍