Why is it that some people seem to live an enchanted life and others at the same time are struggling merely to survive?

The difference is that those that live an enchanted life are choosing a state of grace where they peacefully surrender to the natural flow of all things. Grace allows them to live in faith and express trust in whatever is in any given moment.

You can live this way as well as soon as you accept a life supported by the state of grace. Infusing yourself with grace, rather than ingesting an element based in avoidance or distractive behavior, will assist you in being present where you can fully understand that any challenge in your life, past or present, was created by your thoughts and attitude .

You will come to realize all you think and feel, consciously or not has or is momentarily manifesting as a projected illusion so that you may be aware of what you are giving your attention to. When you see clearly what you have been focusing on this gives you an opportunity to be choose differently. Your day to day experiences good or bad are just illusions, they are waking state dreams for you to choose to think and feel differently if those experiences are less than desirable. All of your illusions are nothing more than a mere stepping stone to realizing who you really are and what you truly intend to achieve.

When you choose to live in a state of grace you come to know that all, both those experiences perceived as good and those perceived as adverse were and are for your highest and best good. Choosing a state of Grace is shifting your attitude resulting in a change for the better in your manifested experiences. Choosing a state of Grace allows you to surrender to the flow and thusly your day-to-day existence is filled with magical miracles rather than struggle and adversity.

When you live in Grace you will feel and express only love, happiness and gratitude for all the wonderful things occurring in your life; which of course can only fuel creating more of the same.

How do you choose a state of Grace? 

First it is important to know what Grace is.

Grace is a manifestation of favor or goodwill endowed upon you from a higher source, be it what you might call God, Spirit or your higher self. It matters not what you call it, it only matters that you receive and accept it.

When you accept grace you not only live in grace where your life is filled with elegance but you act in grace as well where you, your manner, and your deeds and motions are beautiful and you lovingly extend the favor and honor of grace to other people, places and things by your example.

Those that live in Grace experience an exalted life and those that struggle a stressful, strife filled live are referred to as having fallen from grace. You do not fall from grace as a result of punishment, you fall as a result of personal choice stemming from negative thoughts that generate unhealthy emotions and result in distasteful experiences and less than fortunate circumstances. When you fall from grace you have consciously or unconsciously chosen to accept a life of disfavor, one filled with far less than you really deserve.

The state of Grace comes naturally when you decide to raise your thoughts into a higher awareness by placing your attention on the good of all regardless of whether it momentarily appears to be good or not. When you accept Grace you are bestowed with the favor of goodwill, you let go of the unhealthy controlling behaviour of attempting to figure out every step along your path before you move an inch. You replace that behaviour with the faith and trust that your life is enchanted. Your life then becomes void of strife and struggle and miraculously appears to work for you instead of against you.

Choose to focus on the truth that you are in the favor of the highest source and you are continuously receiving grace. If and when something occurs that appears to be in direct opposition to what you were intending or dreaming about, be still and call upon grace to fill your heart, mind and spirit with the peaceful knowingness that you are in God’s favor and all that happens does so for a reason that may be far beyond your immediate comprehension. In this action you are letting go and letting God and you will be assured with multiple forms confirming all is well, allowing you to gracefully go with the flow of life of life!

Thank you to Eloryia RA at the website www.selfgrowth.com for this fantastic read…


Tara in Forearm stand  

Tara in Forearm stand