Remember your self-care with a free yoga class to relax

self care types
self care types
types of self care

Happy March!

Hopefully we’re all remembering our self-care. Yes, another month of Covid-life under our belts… but there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. The main one being the SUN showing itself more and more, and the evenings getting longer each day. That doesn’t mean things are easier though… a lot of us are struggling more now than we were previously, as the fatigue of it all is compounded by the weather, kids at home, boredom, and a general lack of freedom in our movements and plans.

REMEMBER YOUR SELF-CARE, and that your yoga practice is part of it!

Notice the four categories: physical, emotional, social and spiritual.  Are you leaving an area out? I know many of us are missing aspects of the social area, so try to reach out to friends for a walk or a quick chat on the phone.

Try to prioritise  at least one activity from each category  every day… go to bed early, get a long walk, whatever works for you!

I didn’t create this visual, but can’t help noticing that YOGA appears twice! So, try and get a little yoga in for your well-being. I am continuing the free 4-week Beginners Course with the Leitrim Sports Partnership, have the weekly live Zoom Power Yoga, and am creating new recorded classes each week for the SOUL SPACE Digital Library.

Try a free sample class here for relaxation and letting go.  Remember your self-care!

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