Day 24 Already!

It is Day 24 already of our home isolation. Some days have been super-tough, some have been manic in activity, and one or two have been a little lazy. I have created some virtual classes for FaceBook and YouTube, which have been cringe-worthy for me, but has also pushed me to learn some new tech stuff. Some of you seem to enjoy them, so I am left with a feeling of gratitude that I can make even a small difference in this strange and lonely time for someone. I miss my Soul Space community. Being apart from you all has made me realise that we REALLY ARE a community— that I care for my yogis and miss their faces. I miss the energy and noise of my kids class and the friendliness and connection of my various adult groups. I always feel seen at Soul Space, and try to be positive and kind and encouraging there. I am my best self there and GET the best of others too. So I am missing that a lot, but appreciate the break to truly realise it. I have never been closed and been at home. I have only ever closed when traveling or during busy holiday times… so the time was filled with other activities. Now, I just miss my studio and my yoga community and routine. Yes, I practice at home, but it is different without the group energy. The class LIFTS me and energises me and forces me to practice even if I am tired, or lazy or fed up. We are there for each other in that way.

For now though, we are safe at home. We have to remind ourselves that it is TEMPORARY and it is best for everyone to stay put for now. I will continue to add a class or 2 per week, but for April I am suggesting a challenge: 108 Sun Salutations. I will do (at least) 108 per week. If that sounds too much, you can aim for 108 during the month, or push yourself to do 108 per day!

Follow the progress videos on Facebook to join in. Download the calendar (below) to keep track and have fun with me! Also, if you’d like a live Zoom class- send me your email and I will send you the login details!

Let’s push ourselves to check in with the community we have, and to take care of our bodies!



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