Change of seasons…

yoga season

October brings colder nights, shorter days and those breezes that suggest that winter is not far away. I have put my summer clothes away in the top of my closet and pulled the fuzzy Pjs out…I got my Halloween decorations from the attic, and am drawing pumpkins and a human skeleton in my art classes at school.

I love this season! The leaves are changing, we often have beautiful sunsets, I am lighting even more candles, and have the fire glowing at night. I love that in Autumn you can get cozy and actually feel warm, you are happy to pull on a hoody & jeans… and embrace the changes. I find this much harder in winter, after weeks/months of dull, cold, windy weather.

But right now… it’s nice. GO OUTSIDE. Enjoy it while you can. I collected leaves and strung them up as bunting. Later in the month we have HALLOWEEN, which offers great costumes, fun times with family and friends, pumpkin-carving & too many sweets!

In the studio, we have a second FLOWER MANDALA-MAKING workshop, along with lovely meditation on SATURDAY OCT 19TH. 2-5PM and a special kids session over the break— on WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 30TH 2:30-3:30pm – spooky music, games and a laugh- in safe costumes if they like (no face paint please).

Of course all the regular classes are even more CANDLE-LIT and cozy.. lots of cushions and blankets to make everything nice. JOIN ME!

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