What about Salt Lamps?

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Did you notice Himalayan salt lamps everywhere the last few years?

First in health shops & alternative spots, then they ended up in Menary’s & Carriag Donn (here in Ireland anyway).

They range in colour from white to pink to orange (when on). They are generally hollowed-out pieces of rock salt 6-12 inches tall. I have two with lightbulbs & two that are candle holders. I have them in the studio & at home. They all give a warm, inviting glow, and immediately bring a sense of comfort to a room. They are meant to increase relaxation and act as an air purifier, while also neutralising electromagnetic radiation (from t.v., phones, appliances, etc.) but I got mine because I liked the look of them, and they are a natural material, which I like to bring more of into my life.

How do they work?

Well, it is said that when the salt heats up (from the bulb or candle, or the sun) the moisture in the air around it evaporates- causing the positive ions in the air to become charged (turning them to negative ions). While we normally assume negative means bad, in this case, negative ions equals positive vibes! Negative ions are molecules that go unnoticed as they are invisible, odourless and tasteless… but we feel them all the time when we are out in nature- after a rainfall, around a waterfall, on a beach or in a forest- air that is energised!

On a much smaller scale, that is what the salt is doing to the air around it! Seems believable.

When we take in the energised air, we simply feel better! When we put the salt lamp in our home or workplace, we are neutralising the energy & bringing that sense of energised air inside our homes, like a fresh breeze.

The apparent benefits include: cleansing & deodorising the air, easing coughs & allergies, increasing energy levels, improving mood, concentration, even helping with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and reducing static electricity in the air. They can also help improve sleep, and create a relaxing light source prior to sleep that is easy on the eyes & counters all the blue light from our devices & LED lighting throughout the day.

So, give them a try! They are a long-lasting, natural product, which can improve your life on some level a little bit every day. Get the glow this winter! Salt lamps can be as cheap as €5 for a candle holder, and up to €30.

Find them locally in Floradale, Mulvey’s, Menary’s  (Carrick-on-Shannon) and Healthy Beings in Strokestown.

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