Pregnancy Yoga @ Soul Space

Pregnancy Yoga

It is with delight that I start teaching Pregnancy Yoga in Soul Space.

Most of you know I have two beautiful daughters, Blue (23 now) and Lily (nearly 14). I had difficult pregnancies- with gestational diabetes, early labour, carpel tunnel syndrome, sciatica and extended bed-rest… I am an example of a woman who could probably only have had children with the help of modern medicine. That said, I enjoyed pregnancy in many ways too. I wondered at the changing body & the magic of something growing inside of me.

I was not able to do much in the way of exercise past 4-5 months, especially the first time, as I suffered from early labour & was placed on bed rest. But what I COULD do was gentle stretching & lots of breathing, and that is the core of the Pregnancy Yoga I am offering. It includes gentle strengthening postures, lots of hip openers, relaxing poses to release lower back pain, pranayama (breathing exercises) to help relax, to cool and to calm the mind, as well as pregnancy-specific guided meditation & relaxation.

I hope you will come give it a try if you are pregnant!

The class is currently running Monday 6:30-7:30 pm. Course booking preferred €75/6 weeks, or weekly sessions €15. Text or call Michele for details: 086-854-0023

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