Time is Flying! Embrace a larger life

time flying

I cannot believe it is April already! And today, April 4th, is my oldest daughter’s birthday (23!). Time is flying by!

It has me thinking about times’ swift passage- this last school year has flown by (I am a secondary school teacher, as is my husband), winter is over already (well that was a little long, to be honest) and the YEARS are flipping over like pages in a magazine.

I was twenty-three when my daughter was born. At the time, I thought there would be time enough to get to all of my plans & dreams in life. Now, I am getting nervous. It feels as if there is NEVER enough time. I want to do so much, be so much, try so many rich & varied things. I try to LIVE life, to take risks and embrace a larger life… but cannot help but feel that TIME is against me. Never enough sleep, never enough tasks completed, more places to go and things to experience in life, so much to learn!

So, I have decided to head off to India in June. A solo trip, which I haven’t done since I was nineteen and headed off to Australia. I hope to tick more off my to-do list, but more importantly, to slow down time- to learn to live more in THIS moment, than to worry about what I will do next. I will continue my own yoga journey and hope to bring back lots of learning to Soul Space and all my students here.

Exciting times.

But, before that:

An April full of great classes, weekly meditation is back, and a fabulous Aerial workshop!

Contact Michele & see the calendar for details.


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