Freebies in February!

Freebies in February

It is a long, dreary winter and now the rain is back.

Time for a competition!

Here’s your chance to win some great yoga wear from Fabletics, my favourite brand of yoga leggings, and I have tried a lot! Lots of leggings look good on the hanger, or the website, but get them on, and they slide down, cut into your belly, crawl up your crack or you lean over and find that they are see-thru! This has happened to me in class and it is not good- especially when there are leggings selling for upwards of £100! I have tried top brands and cheap ones, and find that Fabletics are my favourite. I bought my first pair in the US five years ago, and still wear them regularly— they are that durable. They also have great variety of styles, sizes and other great athletic/leisure wear. I have 2 pairs of leggings & a sports top to give away.

What to do? 1- Like and share this post 🙂 2- Tag a friend who might be interested! That enters you for the on-line draw. There is a separate draw for those of you who attend class! (1 entry per class between now & Feb 13th). So— get in with a chance to win!

Have a look at other Fabletics clothing.

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