5 wishes for you 💗🙏

breathe wish

 1. May You LOVE

As we begin 2016, may you make an ever-increasingly courageous dedication to embody the energy of love. There is no healing power greater than this force on earth. It takes only a cursory read of headline news to see how the absence of love creates profound suffering. May you work to cultivate connection, compassion, and empathy. In the process not only do you transform, but so does the world.


2. Practice yoga

Whether you are completely new to yoga practice or take delight in the joyful flow of a challenging posture sequence, dedicate time to nurture this wise practice of cultivating mindful movement and stillness.

May yoga practice, on and off the mat, become an ever-increasingly important feature of 2016. May you be blessed with the fruits of this healing and beautiful approach to life.

3. Serve

There are seven billion of us on this planet. Seven billion. Each unique, irreplaceable and yet, also united in our common and basic needs.

We all have the ability to serve, whether it’s helping a neighbour in need, volunteering for a charity (The Hope Foundation charity shop who’s proceeds go to street and slum children in Calcutta) located in the Market Yard are currently looking for volunteers – contact me for more info, or simply picking up litter,  serving is important for our own spiritual growth.

May we all be blessed with a more just and fair world by the end of this precious year.

4. Turn up the music and dance

Rumi, the famous 13th century Muslim mystic wrote: “He who knoweth the dance, dwelleth in God.”
I need add nothing more to this point.


3. Sit in SILENCE

Finally, as we dive into this New Year, may you be blessed with the profound wonder and wisdom that unfold through the practice of meditation. Sit in silence every day. Intentionally put aside all distraction. Sit up tall. Softly close your eyes. Notice your breath and make room for the gentle unfolding of wise silence within your soul.

Meditation is associated with many peer-reviewed, scientifically proven benefits to one’s overall wellbeing. That’s wonderful. Yet, meditation offers even greater benefits. In time, it clearly reveals the stunning and vital truth of oneness. As Buddhist Zen Master Thich Nat Hahn notes, “We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.”

We are one human family. We share one powerful life energy.

In the spirit of this oneness, I offer up these words of blessing.

Happy New Year.

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