Chia Berry Pudding

These can be a totally sugar-free, dairy free breakfast or snack- a great base to add any flavour you like! Make single servings and ditch the store bought yogurts that are full of sugar!


  • ½ c. chia seeds
  • 350-375 ml milk of choice (I use oat, but cashew, almond or rice milk will work)
  • ½ tsp vanilla powder (sugar and alcohol free) or extract
  • Stevia or sugar to taste (optional)
  • ⅓ cup. fresh or frozen berries
  • Optional fruit, granola, nuts, cereal of choice as a topping


  1. Mix ingredients the night before & refrigerate- and see how your liquid mix becomes a pudding texture. (I divide into small glass jars or single-serving dishes).
  2. When ready to eat- you may need to stir gently.
  3. For variety, serve topped with nuts, granola or sliced banana!


This is a super versatile snack or breakfast as it can be bulked up with whatever you like. The chia seeds expand and soak up the liquid, so you can adjust to the texture you prefer..

They are also filling and great for your digestion!