Simple Ways to Improve Your Life / Swoon the Moon


The NEW MOON is the dark phase- a fresh start each month!  As the night sky is dark in this phase, it is a time for extra rest. It is also time to look inward, consider your desires and set intentions for the upcoming weeks. Think of the intentions as seeds, and notice them develop during the moon cycle.

Ways to Improve Your Life in this phase: Quiet time, alone time, earlier bedtime, meditation, prayer, journaling… yin yoga, restorative yoga, keep an intentions list or review previous lists.

The FIRST QUARTER MOON/WAXING MOON is about development & nurturing… making those seeds of intentions grow. In this phase you are getting into action- work, make, produce, and build momentum.  Take action and build energy as the night sky brightens.

Ways to Improve Your Life in this phase: Refer to your intentions– are you wanting to prioritise health? Go for a walk, go to a yoga class… If you wanted to catch up with friends & family- make a lunch date, send a text, or pick up the phone.  Take the next step! Posting your intention on your mirror or taped inside the door of your most opened cabinet will keep them on your mind- make them bring to be eye-catching)

The FULL MOON is known for having a strong effect on our behaviour when it is completely illuminated and at its most powerful.  This is a time to be fully engaged, to allow the light of the moon to energise us, and to celebrate what we cultivated! Enjoy the life you are creating and feel into it.  Think of what you can now let go of.  What has served its purpose and is no longer needed?

Ways to Improve Your Life in this phase: Walk in the moonlight, light a candle, sing, dance, move… burning some of the energy you’ve created. Take a cleansing bath in Epson salts & essential oils, or lay your crystal collection outside or on the windowsill to bathe in the light of the moon. Write a gratitude list.

The THIRD QUARTER MOON/WANING MOON is the time when the nights are darkening, and we can think of releasing and letting go. Take stock of how life is working and put your energy into releasing anything that is going to be in the way of your goals. If we think of the seed analogy, after we harvest the plant, the soil has to have time to let go of the seasons plants & roots before re-seeding.  We too, have to let go in order to free up the energy we will need to move forward with what is important to us.   It is a quiet time to rest and reflect.

Ways to Improve Your Life in this phase: cleaning, clearing & organising; journaling, having a fire ritual to write down, then burn those things you’ve decided to let go of; meditate & visualise letting go.

There are endless reasons to look up to night sky and pay attention to the moon.  Myths, fairytales, legend and lore acknowledge the power of the moon.  We can feel more in-tune with the world around us, we can gain a sense of meaning and understanding of the changes we experience with both our energy and behaviour, and we can create rituals that add value to our life throughout the month.

There is a series of yoga and mediation videos on the Soul Space ONLINE LIBRARY, if you’d like to get more aligned with the moon.

Read what NASA has to say about the moon 

Read what an ASTROLOGER says about the moon 🙂

There is truly so much to discover about the lunar cycle to add more meaning to our lives and feed our souls!

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